Through the firm’s pro bono partnership with Tennessee Higher Education in Prison Initiative (THEI), attorneys Sara Morgan and Trey Moore were able to help an incarcerated individual through a successful parole process. Although initially granted parole in March 2019, the client was advised days before his release that his parole was canceled due to a clerical error in the sentence reported to the Parole Board. Six months later, after the clerical error was corrected, he was denied parole, although nothing had changed in his record. While waiting for his next parole hearing in July 2020, he continued to attend college during his incarceration, making the Dean’s List five semesters. Sara and Trey, with assistance from attorney Angie Bergman, represented the client at the July 2020 Parole Board hearing, where he was approved for release.

The firm continues to work with THEI to research and advocate for issues related to criminal justice reform.