Bass, Berry & Sims represented a Salvadoran immigrant who fled to the United States with her two-year-old daughter to escape death threats made by the MS-13 gang, which had taken over her home and business. Since the mother and daughter cannot safely return to El Salvador, they sought asylum in the United States under the Immigration and Nationality Act and the Convention Against Torture. The team of attorneys from Bass, Berry & Sims and Human Rights First represented the mother in a Merits Hearing in immigration court. After the direct examination of our client concluded during the Merits Hearing, the government conceded to her asylum application and stipulated to the admissibility of all documents filed by the litigation team. The immigration judge granted her asylum application from the bench, finding that the MS-13 gang persecuted our client both because of her membership in a particular social group (her nuclear family) and on the basis of her religious affiliation. After the ruling, the government waived its right of appeal.