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Members of our group have counseled numerous clients on management of their electronic data, and have implemented defensible and cost efficient e-discovery plans in a wide range of cases—from “bet the company” litigation to smaller disputes. We stay abreast of developing technologies and current trends to help our clients control an exponentially-increasing amount of electronic data prior to disputes arising, and to add efficiency, accuracy, and consistency throughout all phases of electronic discovery once litigation ensues. Always recognizing the importance of preserving a client’s resources—both time and money—we work with our clients to craft and implement policies and procedures to minimize retention of non-critical electronic data, and to develop pragmatic and cost-effective electronic discovery solutions.

We provide:

  • Data retention counseling.
  • Project management.
  • Data management (preservation, collection, reduction, culling, processing and production).
  • Technology assisted review (TAR).
  • Vendor management.
  • Trial support.

We have many years of experience providing trial technology support services for not only presentation in trial but also in mock-trial or research exercises, mediations, arbitrations and hearings. Our services include:

  • Pre-trial planning and consultation.
  • Design and set-up of on-site and off-site war rooms.
  • Design, set-up and operation of courtroom technology.
  • Design of trial demonstrative exhibits and animations.
  • On-site trial technology training and support.
Ryan R. Baker
Matt Gibson
Director of Litigation Technology
Anthony J. McFarland
Kathryn Hannen Walker


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