Banks & Financial Institutions

Banks are the bedrock of our financial system. On the corporate, regulatory, legislative and litigation fronts, our attorneys have guided financial institutions through a time of intense scrutiny and change. We have helped them formulate and implement a plan for the future.

All types of banking and financial institutions – bank holding companies, national and state banks, federal and state-chartered thrifts and insurance companies rely on our attorneys to advise and assist them in their dealings within a complex regulatory environment.

The firm has advocated on behalf of clients before the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Federal Reserve Board, Comptroller of the Currency, Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions, Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, and Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions, and has represented clients in state and federal courts both in and outside Tennessee.

The practice assists clients in many aspects of the banking business, including:

  • Organization of new banks
  • Organization of new insurance companies, including captive insurance companies, HMOs and insurer-like service companies
  • Capital raising and securities law compliance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Acquisitions of or by banks, thrifts, insurance companies or their holding companies
  • Private equity investments
  • Branch purchases and acquisitions of failed institutions
  • Advice concerning permissible non-bank activities, including securities and insurance operations
  • Enforcement proceedings against institutions or their officers and directors
  • Civil and criminal investigations
  • Delisting
  • Complex and significant litigation of various types, including class actions
Ryan R. Baker
Nicholas M. Bessette
Bryan  P. Bylica
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D. Scott Holley
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