Tim Browne Discusses the Symbiotic Relationship between Professional Sports Expansion Franchises and Local Businesses

April 18, 2018
Nashville Business Journal

Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Tim Browne discussed the inherent connection between local businesses and professional sports expansion teams (including the newly awarded Major League soccer franchise in Nashville). Revenue models and professional sports league territorial restrictions are such that a team’s local business community has a unique opportunity and advantage in the market. In addition, an expansion team will naturally rely on homegrown vendors and agencies as it creates its brand and starts to market (and eventually sell tickets) to fans in the surrounding areas.

“This symbiotic relationship between a team and its local business partners should help both sides gain new fans and consumers while also helping any expansion team’s brand flourish in its new, local market,” said Tim.

The full article, “Expansion Team Brings Local Opportunity,” was published by the Nashville Business Journal on April 6, 2018, in both print and online.