John Kelly Discusses Potential Priorities of AG Nominee Merrick Garland

February 19, 2021

Bass, Berry & Sims attorney John Kelly was quoted in a Law360 article examining the upcoming confirmation hearings for U.S. Attorney General (AG) nominee Merrick Garland. Garland’s Senate hearing is scheduled to take place February 22 and 23. He is expected to face tough questions from Senators on both sides of the political spectrum related to key issues the Department of Justice (DOJ) is likely to tackle in the coming months, including the politicization of the DOJ, foreign and domestic terrorism, civil rights, white collar crime,¬†and others.

“We can’t forget that there are billions of dollars worth of COVID-19 relief funds being distributed, and there’s a tremendous amount of oversight and tracking of those funds,” John told Law360. “It would surprise me greatly if this administration doesn’t focus a lot of time and effort on those kinds of cases.”

The full article, “What to Watch for at Garland’s AG Confirmation Hearings,” was published by Law360 on February 18 and is available online.