Michael Dagley Authors Article on Managing IT Vendor Relationships

June 19, 2015

Bass, Berry & Sims attorneys Michael Dagley and Brittain Sexton authored an article outlining valuable strategies for healthcare board members that are required to make important IT-related decisions regarding the company’s IT framework. The following strategies will help these executives make informed decisions and manage the relationship with IT vendors:

  1. Understand “Best of Breed” vs. “Single Vendor”
  2. Consider Forming a Steering Committee
  3. Interview the Vendors
  4. Independently Investigate the Vendors
  5. Engage Attorneys with Expertise
  6. Pursue Remedies for IT Problems

The full article, “Managing IT Vendor Relationships While Avoiding the Weeds,” was published in the BoardRoom Press June 2015 edition. BoardRoom Press is a publication of The Governance Institute and is available to members on the organization’s website.