David King Provides Insight on Lawsuit Accusing Health Insurers of Paying Patients Directly for Out-of-Network Care

March 4, 2019

Bass, Berry & Sims attorney David King provided insight for an article on CNN related to the lawsuit filed against Anthem and its Blue Cross entities alleging the health insurance companies are directly paying patients for out-of-network care instead of paying the providers for the service. The lawsuit claims that through this practice, the insurers are putting pressure on providers to join specific health networks. In addition, while many patients turn around and pay the out-of-network providers with this insurance check some patients may not, which leaves the providers unpaid for services rendered and possibly forced to sue the patient for payment.

“I can tell you categorically that a health care provider never wants to be in a position of having to sue one of his patients for money that should’ve been paid by the patient’s insurance company,” said David King, a Nashville attorney who regularly represents providers in disputes with insurance companies. “This insurance company practice unnecessarily brings its own member into the dispute — and forces the provider to pursue the patient for the money.”

The full article, “Insurer Skips Doctors and Sends Massive Checks to Patients, Prompting Million-Dollar Lawsuit,” was published by CNN on March 1, 2019, and is available online.