Tim Browne Explores the Benefits of Name, Image and Likeness Deals in College Sports

February 7, 2022
Nashville Business Journal

Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Tim Browne explored the benefits of name, image and likeness (NIL) deals in college sports in an article for the Nashville Business Journal. The article was part of the publication’s special section on sports & entertainment focused on teaming up with top athletes. While initially expected to bring benefits just to top student-athletes, NIL deals have benefited entire teams across all college sports.

In the article, Tim outlines several considerations for sponsor companies and the student-athletes to consider before signing any NIL deal, including:

  1. For a student-athlete, one key consideration should be what the public reaction will be for you to be associated with a certain company/brand.
  2. A company should strive to structure the terms of any NIL deal such that it will comply with state law and the applicable athletic federation requirements.
  3. Companies and student-athletes should both assume that the terms of any NIL agreement will be made public.

The full article, “Navigating Name, Image and Likeness Deals,” was published by the Nashville Business Journal in the January 28 print edition and online January 31.