Attorney Spotlight: Mike DeAgro

July 31, 2018
Attorney Spotlight

Mike DeAgro spotlight1. Tell us about your practice.

I provide healthcare regulatory counsel as it relates to compliance, operational and transactional matters. I find it very rewarding to serve providers and help further their missions that ultimately serve patients and improve lives. Further, the constantly developing regulatory complexities of the healthcare system make my work very intellectually stimulating.

Prior to joining Bass, Berry & Sims, I worked a one-year fellowship in the Office of General Counsel of a major health system, where I gained an invaluable perspective of client needs that I leverage to inform my practice today.

2. Why did you choose to pursue a career in the legal field? 

During college, I co-founded a nonprofit advocacy organization called Young People in Recovery, which focuses on advocacy issues related to substance use disorder and behavioral health. I had become interested in the cause after witnessing a loved one struggle with related issues. I set out to try to make a difference, and co-founding this organization became a very rewarding leadership experience for me that I continued throughout law school. Through this experience, my passion for the cause grew as I learned more about the heavy burdens and challenges faced by consumers of the behavioral health system. With the intention of making a greater impact, I decided to pursue law school as a vehicle to drive change as a lawyer.

While in law school, my interests expanded beyond behavioral health specifically, as I became passionate about healthcare in general. As I continue to develop a broad range of experiences, I further develop my appreciation for how the healthcare system impacts lives.

3. How does your prior work experience as a Health Law Fellow in the Office of the General Counsel at MedStar Health, Inc., a nonprofit health system that is the largest provider in Maryland and the Washington, D.C. region, inform your work with firm clients?

My experience working in-house for a sophisticated health system has provided me with an invaluable client perspective. I had a unique opportunity as a young lawyer to become deeply immersed in the internal thinking and collaborative analyses that occur between in-house counsel and/or operational leadership.

I’m grateful that this position was my first out of law school because it helped me to develop into a problem-solver and business partner, rather than merely a lawyer. As in-house counsel, I found myself on the frontlines of the day-to-day issues faced by operational leadership, and I was involved in solving problems earlier in the process than outside counsel might be. As a result, I had the opportunity to not only help navigate legally complex issues, but also be part of the team solving issues that related directly to business operations, patient care, etc. This expanded my appreciation for the broad application of how a lawyer can add value to healthcare providers.

Further, I worked with a great team that valued collaboration and efficiency—qualities that benefit all clients. I am confident that my experience will continue to inform my practice for years to come.