Attorney Spotlight: Chad Jarboe

February 6, 2018
Attorney Spotlight

Chad Jarboe Attorney Spotlight Firm News1. Tell us about your practice. 

My practice over the last eight and a half years has focused on resolving complex business disputes for clients, principally in the healthcare, technology, financial service, hospitality and logistics sectors – industries where relationships with vendors, customers and business partners typically are governed by complex agreements and where disputes over compliance and performance can frequently arise.

2. What is an interesting trend happening right now related to your field of practice?

It is no secret that in an improving economy businesses are more willing to strike new relationships, expand current relationships, and enter new markets. Too often, the drive to “get the deal done” means the contracting process gets less attention than it deserves. Relatedly, with greater disposable resources comes an increased tolerance for pursuing litigation when issues arise. The same is true even in industries that continue to face intensive cost pressure, like the healthcare industry. For example, in managed care, we increasingly see payors becoming more aggressive in their contracting positions and more willing to litigate contractual disputes. All this to say, it is now more important than ever for clients to be cognizant of these realities and seek counsel on the front-end to limit the likelihood of an expensive lawsuit down the road. Our firm’s significant experience litigating complex business disputes provides us a unique ability to predict issues that may arise and allocate those risks in the parties’ contract, ultimately leading to greater predictability and cost savings for all involved.

3. Why did you choose to pursue a career in the legal field?

We didn’t have cable TV growing up, so I watched a lot of Matlock. Don’t judge; it’s the truth. I became more and more drawn to the practice of law over the years because it is a field fundamentally rooted in logic and fairness, yet allows room to flex one’s creative muscles, especially in courtroom advocacy.