FCPA Compliance: Meeting FCPA Requirements and Minimizing Liability Risks

September 14, 2022

Bass, Berry & Sims attorneys Thad McBride and Lindsey Fetzer will co-present a webinar titled, “FCPA Compliance: Meeting FCPA Requirements and Minimizing Liability Risks” scheduled for Wednesday, September 14 from 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. CDT.

Any company conducting business internationally needs to be aware of the compliance risks under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and other anti-corruption laws. Challenges abound. The handling of gifts and hospitality to and from government representatives requires a determination of whether a gift is a lawful expression consistent with a country’s culture or one that constitutes bribery. Gifts, travel, and entertainment are high risk areas for which companies need to implement safeguards to ensure compliance. Risks also arise in relationships with agents and other third parties. Conducting thorough third-party due diligence can mean the difference between value added to the company and problems that lead to an investigation.

The panel will review these and other key issues:
• When do gifts to foreign officials cross the line from respecting local customs and culture to being viewed as bribery?
• What unique FCPA risks are created by different types of third parties?
• What records are companies mandated to maintain under the FCPA books and records requirement?
• What steps should companies and counsel take when misconduct is suspected or discovered?

After the presentation, we will engage in a live question and answer session with participants so we can answer your questions about these important issues directly.

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