Drafting Patents to Ground Electric Power: AI and Section 101

August 27, 2020
IP Chat Channel

Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Mike Kiklis will serve as a panelist for the Intellectual Property Owners Association’s IP Chat Channel webinar titled “Drafting Patents to Ground Electric Power: AI and Section 101” on Thursday, August 27.  During the 60-minute webinar, the panel will analyze the Federal Circuit’s reasoning in Electrical Power Group v. Alsom, which has invalidated more than twenty software patents as abstract under Alice since 2016, and provide patent prosecutors with practical advice on how to avoid its pitfalls for AI-related inventions.  The panel will also consider more than a year’s experience with the USPTO’s 2019 patentable subject matter guidelines for software inventions and will share lessons from six PTAB ex parte decisions that were recently deemed precedential or informative.

For more information and to register for the website, please visit the IP Chat Channel web page.