Anti-Corruption Settlements

September 29-October 8, 2020
Middle East Healthcare Compliance Certificate
Virtual Conference

Bass, Berry & Sims attorney John Kelly will present at the Middle East Healthcare Compliance Certificate focused on the healthcare regulatory and enforcement landscape in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech industries. This intensive, multi-day educational healthcare compliance program will educate healthcare and compliance professionals about the evolving legal framework that affects the healthcare industry in the Middle East and beyond.

John will present with Fabiana Lacerca Allen of Aimmune Therapeuticson on Thursday, October 6. They will discuss the topic of “Anti-Corruption Settlements,” and will provide an overview of enforcement and government investigations within the Middle East healthcare industry.

The event will be virtually on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, September 29
  • Thursday, October 1
  • Tuesday, October 6
  • Thursday, October 8.

More information is available here.