Bass Berry & Sims, Deloitte and Harris Williams are proud to host the 14th Annual Health Care Investors Conference (HCIC). More than 500 health care companies have operations in Nashville and work on a multistate, national or international basis. The Nashville Health Care Council reports that more than a dozen publicly traded health care companies are headquartered here; additionally, Nashville’s health care industry generates more than $95 billion in revenue and 500,000+ jobs worldwide.

We are excited to host the 14th Annual Health Care Investors Conference as part of the inaugural Nashville Sessions Week organized by the Nashville Health Care Council. We hope you will join us as we hear from executives and dealmakers on the front lines. We will cover a range of topics including current economic climate and its impact on investments, policy and regulatory updates affecting health care companies, and private equity trends in the current M&A environment, among others. During our time together, attendees can expect the same caliber of practical advice, timely industry perspectives, and thoughtful discussion as in years past.

Attendees will examine opportunities to generate health care solutions with management teams and their private equity investors and enjoy some of our city’s entertainment gems – health care, bluegrass and the famous honky-tonks!

This conference is intended for executive management teams of national health care companies and managing directors and principals of private equity firms. This year’s program will be held in person at the Country Music Hall of Fame (around the corner from our Nashville office) on October 9th from 11:30 AM– 4:00 PM CST. HCIC remains invitation only. To request an invitation or for questions about your registration, please email Additional details can be found here.

Registration for the Nashville Health Care Council’s Nashville Healthcare Sessions week is not required to attend this complimentary conference.