Strategic Plan

Leadership. Culture. Advancement. Recruiting. Communication.

The Bass, Berry & Sims Executive Committee drives the effort to build and sustain an inclusive culture. As part of their leadership, the committee adopted a strategic plan for diversity and inclusion, which contains five core components – leadership, culture, advancement, recruiting and communications.

Through this plan, firm management set forth a commitment to real action and investment, with a clear accountability framework for promoting workplace diversity and identifying areas of improvement.

Our leaders are actively engaged in these efforts, participating in the recruitment of diverse talent and ensuring equal opportunity for advancementThe Diversity Operating Committee, which includes our managing partner and firm management, provides ongoing support and accountability to advancing our diversity goals.

Our affinity groups also play a key role in building and sustaining a culture of inclusion and communication. Tapping into distinct experiences of diverse individuals and elevating their insights, these groups help foster a sense of community, identify and address unique challenges, and bolster a firm-wide environment where we come together to deal in truths and open dialogue with all firm personnel.

Diversity is a pillar of our firm’s core values and we are investing time, resources and leadership to ensure our efforts are successful.