Asian Attorneys Group

At Bass, Berry & Sims, we are implementing our affinity groups in a different manner than standard. Rather than operate in an isolated, standalone fashion, our affinity groups are closely tied to the firm’s leadership and the firm’s overall commitment to real progress in diversity and inclusion.

The Asian Attorneys Group members have a member of the firm’s Executive Committee who is assigned to them as a direct linkage to firm management. This organized approach ensures that the thoughts and opinions of our Asian American attorneys are directly conveyed and understood at the highest levels of firm management, and also that all of our Asian American attorneys have direct personal exposure to top firm leadership. To be clear, while the Asian Attorneys Group is a key player in the firm’s commitment to diversity, the overall commitment and ultimate responsibilities belong to firm leadership and all Bass, Berry & Sims attorneys are expected to play their role in this commitment.

Our Asian Attorneys Group provides a forum for individuals at Bass, Berry & Sims to exchange ideas and information relevant to their unique experiences. The Asian Attorneys Group works alongside firm leadership to support and implement Bass, Berry & Sims’ commitment to diversity and inclusion in the following ways:

  • Assist in the retention of our talented Asian American attorneys by ensuring the maximum level of personal comfort and professional opportunity for all attorneys of Asian heritage, including honestly dealing with any unique challenges stemming from group affiliation or personal background.
  • Support the advancement of our talented Asian American attorneys by driving higher levels of group member representation among the partnership and firm leadership.
  • Participate in the societal need to fully expose young Asian students to opportunities in the legal profession that may not be equally understood in all sectors of the community.

In addition, group members actively participate in firm recruiting activities and in cultivating relationships with diverse bar organizations and community organizations. By participating in community service and pro bono initiatives, the group helps connect Bass, Berry & Sims to the larger community.

Our Asian Attorneys Group is led by Sehrish Siddiqui, a member in our Memphis office.