Asian Attorneys Group

The Asian Attorneys Group was created to serve as a forum for members to exchange ideas and information relevant to their experiences as diverse attorneys. The group supports the Bass, Berry & Sims diversity and inclusion initiative by fostering an environment and culture for the personal and professional development of our attorneys.

At Bass, Berry & Sims, we are implementing our affinity groups in a unique way. Rather than have our Asian Affinity Group operate in a standalone manner, the group is closely tied to the firm’s leadership and its overall commitment to real progress in diversity and inclusion.

Membership in the Asian Attorneys Group is open to all Bass, Berry & Sims attorneys and employees.

Programs and Activities

The Asian Attorneys Group hosted a retreat for attorneys to connect, share experiences and set their goals and plans for the group. Members are active in a number of programs, activities, sponsorships and organizations — as well as pro bono and community service efforts that benefit the broader community.

The group’s goals include supporting the advancement of our attorneys to increase representation among the partnership and firm leadership and assisting in firm recruiting activities and in cultivating relationships with diverse bar organizations and community organizations.


Sehrish Siddiqui headshotSehrish Siddiqui leads the Asian Attorneys Group.