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What is Shannon Wiley looking forward to at this year's Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit? Find out more>


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Primary Care Providers Win Challenge of CMS Interpretation of Enhanced Payment Law

With the help and support of the Tennessee Medical Association, 21 Tennessee physicians of underserved communities joined together and retained Bass, Berry & Sims to file suit against the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to stop improper collection efforts. Our team, led by David King, was successful in halting efforts to recoup TennCare payments that were used legitimately to expand services in communities that needed them. Read more

Tennessee Medical Association & Bass, Berry & Sims

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Thought Leadership Spotlight

Download the Healthcare Fraud & Abuse Review 2017, authored by Bass, Berry & Sims

The Healthcare Fraud & Abuse Review 2017 details all healthcare-related False Claims Act settlements from last year, organized by particular sectors of the healthcare industry. In addition to reviewing all healthcare fraud-related settlements, the Review includes updates on enforcement-related litigation involving the Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute, and looks at the continued implications from the government's focus on enforcement efforts involving individual actors in connection with civil and criminal healthcare fraud investigations.

Click here to download the Review.

Operating Room

Healthcare Private Equity

Healthcare Transactions 2017 Year in Review Our results-oriented, business-minded deal attorneys work seamlessly with our nationally ranked healthcare regulatory attorneys to help private equity clients and their portfolio companies achieve their strategic goals. Clients rely on our deep understanding of healthcare law and our significant experience navigating the unique regulatory and business environment of the healthcare industry.

Since 2015, we have served as deal counsel in more than 85 private equity related transactions in the healthcare industry. We regularly assist private equity firms and their healthcare portfolio companies in structuring, negotiating and executing acquisitions and financings and in dispositions of healthcare investments through sales, recapitalizations and public offerings. Private equity firms utilize our comprehensive due diligence of healthcare targets to help uncover and assess key issues and regulatory and compliance risks associated with an investment and rely on the sophisticated guidance of our healthcare regulatory and compliance and investigations counsel.

We advise investors, portfolio companies and management teams in the following:

  • Acquisitions and exits including:
    • Platform and add-on acquisitions
    • Due diligence and risk analysis
    • Leveraged dividends and recapitalizations
    • Leveraged buyouts
    • Going private transactions
    • Sponsor-sponsor transactions
    • Initial public offerings and exit transaction services and preparation
    • Management team representation and executive compensation matters
  • Healthcare regulatory and operations
  • Healthcare compliance and investigations
  • Financing including minority interest transactions and mezzanine and senior financings

We also know that our private equity clients want true partners who offer more than legal advice. At the intersection of healthcare and private equity, we often connect sponsors with companies or successful executives seeking investment. To that end, we invite managing directors and executive management teams to discuss trends and foster opportunities at our annual Health Care Investors Conference co-hosted with Deloitte. Our attorneys are also active in the Association for Corporate Growth, the Healthcare Private Equity Association (HCPEA), the Nashville Health Care Council and other organizations.

We have experience representing clients in virtually every healthcare industry sector. Current hot spots for private equity investment include the following and are outlined in our focus areas.

Areas of Focus

  • + Behavioral Health

    • The behavioral health market has become a major target for private equity investment given the strong market demand for behavioral health services, an underserved market, and increased reimbursement for services. More and more investors have recognized the unique investment opportunities inherent in a market dominated by small, niche behavioral health programs. Interest is particularly high in the area of addiction and substance abuse.

  • + Dermatology

    • As one of the most fragmented healthcare markets, the dermatology sector has provided opportunities for private equity investors to capitalize on economies of scale. Numerous factors contribute to the attractiveness of dermatology practices as investment platforms. In particular, cosmetic dermatology provides an opportunity for steady cash flows because of the ability to use direct-to-consumer marketing for elective services, which are generally cash-pay.

      As a result, we have seen the dermatology sector experience explosive growth driven in large part by private equity investment. These private equity firms can facilitate transactions that allow dermatology practices to create ancillary sources of income, utilize more effective management teams and implement new technologies. An additional goal of these acquisitions is to achieve synergies of scale, both in terms of geographic reach and number of providers. Achieving an economy of scale may also afford the ability to bring pathology lab services in-house and provide additional ancillary services and products.

  • + Healthcare IT

    • Government mandates related to technology and perceived inefficiencies in the delivery of care have yielded major HIT innovations. Investors and strategic buyers are increasingly seeking out promising HIT companies that may improve the patient experience, quality of care and revenue.

  • + Hospital-Based Physician Services

    • Hospital-based physician services, such as anesthesiology, radiology, emergency and hospitalist services, have historically been provided by small, fragmented local groups. However, the growing complexity of the healthcare delivery system, increased consolidation of healthcare facilities and healthcare systems, changes in reimbursement, increasing regulatory compliance requirements, and growing demands for quality measurement and cost efficiencies have led many healthcare facilities to consolidate and piqued the interest of private equity investors.

  • + Specialty Pharmacy

    • Specialty pharmacy remains an area of growing interest, especially in the development and funding of specialty pharmacy distribution companies. With specialty pharmaceuticals dominating development pipelines, forecasts predict that they will grow at twice the rate of traditional products. This has resulted in the entry of private equity financing, and we expect to see a trend of non-traditional buyers looking at specialty pharmacy.

  • + Urgent Care

    • While hospitals historically have targeted urgent care centers to divert patient traffic from the high-cost ER setting, hospitals are now increasingly seeking to join forces with urgent care centers. Most notably, hospitals are experimenting with joint ventures between individual or multiple urgent care centers. Investors are also interested in consolidating fragmented urgent care centers to offer risk sharing and efficiency.


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Our healthcare attorneys encompass the multitude of legal specialties necessary to service one of the largest, most highly regulated industries in the United States. We bring our multidisciplinary, team approach to our representation of the following sectors and facilities:

  • Academic medical centers
  • Ambulatory surgery centers
  • Behavioral health
  • Cancer therapy
  • Clinical laboratories
  • Dermatology
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Health plans, managed care companies and benefit management companies 
  • Healthcare information technology
  • Home health
  • Hospice
  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Life sciences
  • Managed care
  • Medical device
  • Nonprofit providers
  • Orthotics and prosthetics
  • Pharmaceuticals and pharmacies
  • Physician practices, outsourced physician services and management companies
  • Private equity
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Senior housing and long-term care
  • Specialty pharmacy and pharmaceuticals
  • Telemedicine
  • Urgent and retail care clinics
  • Wellness and disease management




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