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How does Jessie Zeigler anticipate the intersection of privacy and smart technology will impact the future of litigation? Find out more>


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Primary Care Providers Win Challenge of CMS Interpretation of Enhanced Payment Law

With the help and support of the Tennessee Medical Association, 21 Tennessee physicians of underserved communities joined together and retained Bass, Berry & Sims to file suit against the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to stop improper collection efforts. Our team, led by David King, was successful in halting efforts to recoup TennCare payments that were used legitimately to expand services in communities that needed them. Read more

Tennessee Medical Association & Bass, Berry & Sims

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Healthcare Private Equity Compliance Checklist

The complex and ever-changing healthcare regulatory and enforcement environment, including increased focus on the role of private equity firms in their portfolio companies, make compliance a top priority for private equity firms investing in healthcare companies. The best way to limit your exposure as a private equity firm is to avoid a compliance misstep in the first place. Additionally, an effective and robust compliance program for your portfolio healthcare company makes it much more attractive to potential buyers and helps you avoid an unexpected and costly investigation or valuation hit down the road. Download the Healthcare Private Equity Compliance Checklist to assess whether your portfolio company's compliance program is up-to-date.

Click here to download the checklist.

Attorney Spotlight: Jessie Zeigler

May 2, 2018

Jessie Zeigler spotlight1. Tell us about your practice.

I have the honor or chairing our Products Liability & Torts Practice Group. My practice is science-based and includes defending product manufacturers, defending mass tort litigation, and handling environmental matters for corporate and municipal clients. I use the science behind the products to defend against claims that they were defective or otherwise caused harm. In the environmental world, I apply risk-based decision-making matrices to work through the environmental science involved in environmental matters such as remediations, due diligence, and toxic tort litigation.

2. What is an interesting trend happening right now related to your field of practice?

Products have gotten smarter, which means there is a lot of data that is contained within them. The friction between privacy rights and the data in smart products such as medical devices, watches/fitness trackers, self-driving/automated vehicles, and drones is going to play a significant role in future litigation… not only litigation involving the product itself, but litigation that may involve the user of the product but that is wholly unrelated to the function of the product. 

3. Why did you choose to pursue a career in the legal field?

My love of justice and using the law to solve complex problems led me to law school. And while a career in engineering did not appeal to me, I have been able to use scientific understanding to help my clients in all manner of legal matters.

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